Four Playing Knights  Chess Classes

 - Affiliated with US Chess Federation (USCF)

Class Structure

Class structure is designed to cater to all ages starting from as young as 5 year old.
Beginners class is taught in a fun and easy way which kids can relate to. Some homework will be given so that the students can practice learning at home and are prepared for the next class.

After the students are ready they can participate in matches/tournaments. We will help coordinate details of the tournament so that students get some real match experience and learn a great deal from the experience as well as meet and make new friends.

Novice Level

  • Familiarity with Board and pieces
  • Moves of the pieces

Beginner Level I

Focus will be on understanding game rules and play using GM Susan Polgar's video for basic chess knowledge including pieces, points, rules and moves. Susan along with her teaching helpers, Champion and King Harold, sets a fun stage for learning chess. Also included is a brief history of chess, a short biography on Susan and “Fun Facts” about chess.

In addition, some of the topics that will be covered in the class are:

  • Castling
  • 'en passant'
  • Check and how to avoid check
  • Opening principles
  • Checkmate
  • Stalemate
  • Practice games (designed for kids)

Beginnner Level II

To build up concepts learned in Beginner level I and prepare for tournament play.
Some of the topics that will be covered in the class are:

  • Identifying checkmate in one move.
  • Introduction to tactics (pin,fork, skewer, double attack)
  • Pawn promotion
  • Common/famous checkmates
  • Chess notation (required for rated tournament play)
  • Practice games.

Intermediate   Level I

Understanding and familiarizing common and popular chess openings
In addition some of the topics covered will be

  • Chess openings
  • Tactics 
  • Checkmate in 2 moves
  • Pawn endings and strategy
  • Mating with the rook(s)
  • Using the clock (required for rated tournament)

Intermediate Level II

Deep dive on tactics and various checkmate patterns

  • Discovered check and attack!
  • Deflection and Decoy
  • Checkmate patterns
  • Checkmate in 3 moves

Advanced Level I

Deep dive different types of openings

Detailed analysis of e4 and d4 opening and gambits/defenses for black.
Rook and King vs Rook, king and pawn end games strategies
Checkmate with minor pieces.
Analyze Individual chess games and work out on a plan to improve on specific weak areas.